Lifestyle in Japan

The lifestyle of a Japanese person is much different than in America. For example, in Japan it is customary to remove one’s shoes when entering a home. This tradition is because all activities are done on the floor and removing the shoes keeps the floor sanitary. In America, we will keep our shoes on and walk around the house with them on. Walking around bare foot allows the pressure points in the bottom of the feet to be worked out and this is a good health practice.

The people of Japan speak Japanese. It is considered a very hard language to master and understand but Japan has a 99% literacy rate among its adults. Japanese women and men speak different languages and use different words. There is no distinction between plural and singlur words. Another difference between Japanese and English is that Japanese put the verb at the end of the sentence, where as in English, the verb is in the middle of the sentence. Japanese writing is broken down into four different groups and can be used in different contexts.

Japanese have a very unique dress style. The kimono is a traditional dress that is made of silk and worn only on special occasions like a graduation or wedding. They arevery difficult to put on, this is why they are only worn during special occasions. Both men and women will wear these kimonos but women’s tend to be bright, while men’s tend to be dull colors like brown and blueDuring most days, Japanese people will wear T-shirts and jeans like Americans will. Western dress is becoming widely accepted around the world and this is one reason the Japanese only wear kimonos for special occasions.


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